Our founders believe in long term relationships and the guiding principle of the firm is to provide a hands on, creative approach to meeting each corporate finance client’s needs. We believe that companies in the life science markets are best served by advisors, our investment bankers, who have the ability to think strategically, to think beyond a financing or an M&A transaction, and who take a long term view of every relationship. Unlike most investment banks, there are almost no companies that are too small, too early or whose individual transactions are too small. We make the investment in these early relationships when we believe that there is a potential for growth and when we believe we can successfully provide service of value. We do hope that our investment banking/strategic advisory clients outgrow us and that the rest of Wall Street will fall in love with them. If that happens, our early investment in time and in the relationship will have paid off for our corporate finance clients, generally for our investors and hopefully for us.

We recognize the strategic, financial and operational challenges our clients face. We understand the competitive environment in which they operate.
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Aurora’s strategic advisory relationships might begin long before the company reaches the appropriate stage of development for a ‘deal’. But we work with management and their other advisors to lay the appropriate ground work, so that when they are ready, we can help mature the best possible positioning and plan.

Our consultancy and advisory services include:

Joint Venture
Product acquisition
Technology Transfer
Due Diligence
Other Strategic Advisory Services

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