Aurora Capital LLC - Business Continuity Plan Summary

Aurora Capital LLC has established a business continuity plan to guide the Firm's responses to unforeseen events that could cause temporary interruptions of its business.  Our plans are periodically assessed to ensure adequacy.

Our business continuity plan calls for timely and periodic communications with our primary self-regulatory organization, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA, formerly NASD).

In addition, our business continuity plan ensures that our customers shall have prompt access to their funds via our clearing firm, COR Clearing LLC, which in turn has its own business continuity plans. In the event of an interruption, customers may contact Mr. Jeff Eliot Margolis, President on his direct line 917-834-7206 or Mr. G. Robert Abrams, Chief Operating Officer on his telephone number in the Boca Raton office at 561-988-9129 (which may be forwarded to another telephone number in the event of an interruption) or on his mobile phone at 561-789-7557. Customers should also be aware that transactions may be executed on their behalf in our New York offices or our Boca Raton offices and if both offices experience interruptions at the same time, arrangements will be made for transactions to be executed in any of our other offices. 

Aurora Capital LLC backs up all files maintained on its computer server on a daily basis and removes one copy of such back up from the premises. Portions of the firm’s data is maintained by other (examples:  certain customer records and transaction records maintained by our clearing firm, payroll records maintained by our payroll service company), which data remains accessible to us via the internet.   Others who have responsibility for maintaining data for us have established back up policies, redundancies and/or have plans of their own in case of an interruption.

Aurora Capital’s business continuity plan also takes advantage of the Firm's multi-office and multi-state office system by providing alternate locations from which the Firm's employees can temporarily perform essential business
functions in the event of a firm or community-wide interruption in business. Procedures are in place to notify employees if an event results in a change in business locations or processes, although a business-wide disruption could temporarily delay the processing of information and requests. Provisions have also been made for clients to continue to be able to contact Aurora Capital’s employees.

Business continuity planning is an on-going process, and Aurora Capital is continually evaluating it systems and capabilities to handle emergencies and improve its disaster recovery response times.

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