Investment Banking Life Science Companies

Life science companies, particularly biotechnology and small specialty pharmaceutical companies, are almost continuously challenged by the need to finance research and development. This challenge is complicated by the ever changing sentiment of the venture capital community and ”Wall Street,” and is layered within the environment of competitive emerging technologies, a dynamic intellectual property landscape, evolving regulation by federal and foreign governmental or regulatory agencies, changing administrations, political and ethical and other issues, and competition for qualified personnel as well as the day-to-day challenges of operating emerging growth companies in general.

At Aurora Capital, we strive to meet the diversified needs of life science companies. Our corporate finance clients find themselves underserved or overlooked due to larger major and regional investment banking organizations transaction size requirements. Aurora’s experienced team employs rigorous due diligence in the selection of investment banking clients and investment ideas. By “mining” in areas under-explored by the larger investment banks and securities firms, we develop a unique understanding of investment opportunities and generate a proprietary deal flow.

Management’s extensive network of: scientific and medical consultants, pharmaceutical professionals, and other advisors, provides our investment banking clients a well balanced mix of seasoned expertise and strategic counsel. We believe that our diversified team allows us to be uniquely poised to discover value driven investment opportunities for our investing clients.

Our aim is to work closely with the management teams of select companies to ensure their vision is accurately presented and perceived by the right investors. We believe the entry-level criteria for life sciences companies becomes more competitive and more complex each year, and requires astute market analysis and strategic relationships to secure appropriate funding.

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